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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 3, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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the chief prosecutor in the benazir bhutto assassination case is murder in islamabad. the candidates for the national assembly have been -- candidate for the national assembly has been shot dead. also ahead, cash for assistance. south korean caught up in diplomatic dispute leave the north after a money transfer in the other direction. the lebanese government is rethinking its policy toward syria refugees as their numbers grow. each of's media
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revolution say freedom of the press has gone to been far. -- too far. the prosecutor leading the investigation in the assassination of business a bhutto has been murdered. on inr was opened fire islamabad. others have been injured. let's find out what is happening. first, what can you tell us about the candidates that has just been shot in karachi? told that the candidate was shot near a mosque on friday. a lot of people attending friday prayers. his young son was also wounded
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in the attack. he was killed and that is why the election and that particular constituency in the city of karachi in the area has been postponed. that comes at a time when there have been numerous other attacks against the people's party and also the workers in the province. also the assassination of the chief prosecutor in the benazir bhutto case. has that story develops? as anyone claimed responsibility for that? has anyone claim demo to? -- as anyone claimed indicated aty or motive? this was a prosecutor who was
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also investigating other serious cases against big personalities, including the outgoing prime minister of pakistan, who was sent home by the supreme court on a contempt of court charge in a scandal as well as the benazir bhutto case, which has been a conspiracy as far as pakistan is concerned because the outgoing ruling pakistan people's party was not able to come out with concrete a verdict on that particular issue. now the prosecutor's death raises more serious questions as to whether he was intentionally silenced. it is obvious that there was some sort of reconnaissance on him. the attackers knew his timing and we would be going to the court at that particular time. also, a careful selection of the
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place of attack. at that time, the commuter traffic that normally picks up in the morning had not done so. there was very little traffic on the rose and the shops were closed. very few witnesses as to what exactly happened when he came under attack. >> thank you. the seven remaining south korean workers at the industrial plants are heading home. it was centered in a display -- -- censured in a diplomatic dispute. >> the financial impact on north and 53,000 jobs gone. 23 south korean countries -- companies of factories there and are not making anything. $900 million made available from financial institutions and the government. this last feature of cooperation is shuttered.
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it has taken a week to ship -- to negotiate the terms of the suspension. it will take much longer if it is going to be resuscitated. even in the worst of times, it has been a symbol that things can operate in some sense of normality. now that is gone as well. it is a sign of how bad relations are on the peninsula. >> the body of an indian prisoner who died in a pakistani jail has been brought back to india. he was attacked by inmates next -- last week and died of the sick. he was sentenced to death and was accused of involvement in the series of bomb attacks. the death toll from the collapse .f a building in bangladesh more bodies were pulled from the rubble with scores of workers still unaccounted for. police have arrested an engineer who worked for the owner of the
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building. he faces a charge of negligence. the man said he warned that the factory was not safe just one day before it crumbled. the u.s. secretary of defense says farming syria rebels is still an option. chuck hagel says the obama -- arming circassian rebels is still an option. rebels, that is an option. that is an option. hammond rented clearly when he talked about what is the objective for both of our countries, certainly be united states? stopping the violence. stability in the region and a transition in, helping because of the position of syria to a democracy. >> lebanon hopes for hundred 50,000 syrian refugees -- there
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is no system to deal with them. as their numbers grow, the lebanese government is rethinking their policy. >> she fled with her three children, leaving her husband home to fight. now she does not know if she will ever see him again. >> he is to call me every other day. i have not heard from him in 10 days. they told me he might be dead. i do not believe it. >> like many refugees, she did not want to show more sense. 440,000 refugees are officially registered in lebanon. they make up about 10% of the population. the government estimates the total number of about 1 million. refugees find safety in lebanon, but for many it is a lot of hardship. the lebanese government has refused to open camps. >> it has to do with the position of the lebanese government. this is not a time for politics.
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there is a need for urgent release -- relief. they should at least open camps along the border or let agencies do it. >> he is overwhelmed. every day, hundreds of newcomers arrive in search of shelter. it is open seven days a week. its core yard is turning into a refugee camp. it is mostly families -- its courtyard is turning into a refugee camp. more refugees are expected in the coming days and weeks. so far, they have rely on local communities. now it is becoming more and more difficult to find shelter. the fees can be, almost everywhere in lebanon. many are forced to set up home anywhere they can, and these refugees who fled damascus and now live on the edge of a cemetery. others are living in half
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occupied buildings. diseases are spreading. >> why do we live like this? we have to get water from tanks. the owner of the building kicks us out every day. where should we go? looked at the children. >> the refugees do not know when they will be able to return home. they know that the syria they knew will be changed forever. egypt's revolution in 2011, the media has broken from state control. as the world marks press freedom day, some ask if the rules have been relaxed too far. activist sprayed insults' on the muslim brotherhood headquarters. sprayed and sulks muslimts on the
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brotherhood headquarters. he says to been much of the media is partisan and not fair. has turnedcriticism into a destructive criticism. then it turned into cursing. >> he says the media needs to examine its conscience. egypt's media had a revolution. an explosion of new titles and programs and agendas, including political and religious extremists. the people of egypt are finally free to speak, but now they are shouting at each other. like the newspapers that egyptians say print unsubstantiated rumors and that with a derogatory tone. ask if itngelists would be okay to murder a popular tv satirist. he response to the color. not yet. the publicmounts, has taken its anger to me the
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offices of al jazeera. each'sademic defense hard won press freedoms, but academic a code -- praises egypt's hard won press freedoms, but recommends a code of conduct. he says unless egypt's press raise the standards, government will have an excuse to step in. egypt worries that is happening anyway. the question of the satirist is just one example of a media persecution and the future of the ruling freedom and justice party. some veterans of the press say any ruling of the media makes it vulnerable to governing power. >> once a code of ethics is
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applied, it will get more and more conservative as we go. eventually, it is going to bring down the ceiling of free expression. >> egyptian journalists have more protection than they used to. like most of the country, they are figuring out how best to use it. ahead, preaching intolerance. the buddhist monks in myanmar spreading hard-line doctrines' against muslim. and why falling prices are having little impact on a south african gold rush. we are back in a moment. the top stories on al jazeera. gunmen in islamabad have killed a prosecutor investigating the assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto. the seven remaining south korean work is at the center of the dispute with north korea are now going home. they have been staying in the
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industrial zone senses was shut down. rescuers in bangladesh are continuing to find bottles under a rubble of a garment factory that collapsed more than a week ago. more than five as if people are known to have died. the u.s. has extended sanctions against myanmar to ensure the country continues to adopt democratic reforms. the obama administration also relaxed these restrictions imposed against the former military regime. there are reports that president sang songs seem -- there are reports that the presence of myanmar is going to visit the united states. -- president of myanmar is one to visit the united states. monks' campaign for religious segregation. religiousampaign for segregation. >> buddhist principles like
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morality and purity. alsoasingly, they are getting a message about religious intolerance. according to some, buddhist and muslim should not live side by side in the same town. >> it is unacceptable to us. it would be problematic if we ask them to live together again. the capital in western myanmar where more than talented people were killed last year and was the 100,000 were left homeless. most of them were muslims who were attacked by groups of s.iss -- groups of buddhist some fear that the conflict could spread to neighboring buddhist countries like thailand. that the concerned people are dissatisfied about a situation in myanmar and they
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attack the muslim people. reality where communities are being destroyed and town segregated. the only muslim area left in tact is closed off. we were unable to get in. the villages where muslim homes were burned down are now into wastelands. >> there have been some cases of buddhists being punished for helping muslims. their punishment was being enforced -- was being forced to wear a sign around their necks saying, i am a traitor. word, some monks are suggesting the fight will go on. >> patriotism and nationalism are much more important than 1's life. their influence is growing.
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malaysia goes to the polls on sunday with one category of voters likely to have a big say in the outcome. you'd make up 42% of the electorate. the ruling and opposition parties are trying their best to win them over. >> he would like people to think he is just a regular guy, a guy who plays a spread calls and goes to use concepts. he is trying to shore up his school credentials. with one-five votes below the age of 30, that is probably not a bad strategy. have strong party affiliations. >> because social media is such a popular form of his vacation among the young, it can support candidates. there are 2000 so-called cyber
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activists. we ask to disseminate information to the people. hashe opposition coalition made the internet their home and made huge gains in the last election. political rallies are often strained live. youtube videos reminds voters of that are fake. take this game. the characters resemble politicians. this guy looks like the deputy prime minister. the teams try to take over as many states as possible to form the next government. there is also a card game modeled on malaysian politics.
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right down to voter demographics and political tactics. it is meant to show how flawed the system has become and get young people thinking about what matters to them. -- are issues are there they advocating for. >> with old strategies no longer working and the rules of engagement changing, this election is bound to be a close one. >> 100 people are thought to have died after a mine collapse in sudan. it happens in an unlicensed gold mine on monday. rescuers were trapped as they try to save the minors. production from unofficial-has become an important revenue source. the falling cost of gold. all losses are expected. for some people, lower prices
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are just what they need. with the most -- first part series -- first part in our series about the lowering cost of gold. >> the falling price is good news for south africans looking to buy. she has the team doctors. >> for the indian community, there is a lot of joy in the cold. it symbolizes a girl getting married. her salary would be in gold. he marvelled he has, the more she is worth. >> the that the cut is one of the world's largest gold sources. the economic was built on mining. the billions of dollars may help to build some of the best
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efforts structure on the african continent. fluctuating gold prices could lead to job losses. struggling with high production and energy costs. a frustrating and already angry workforce demanding more money and safer working conditions. does it even keep going? the number of people employed is starting to decline. that is one of the reasons people have a frustration with mining. it is not meeting the needs of everybody. the industry is contracting while the needs are expanding. africans who can afford it are buying for keeps. to local currency continues depreciate. some people believe in the long run, stocking up on gold is
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still a good investment. hasuatemala's government declared a state of emergency in four town after several days of clsdhrd. -- clashes. lawyers representing the venezuelan opposition leader have filed a legal challenge protesting last month's election. they say there were voting the irregularities. allegessition widespread electoral fraud. mexicanbama and his come apart have been emphasizing their immunity on security and economic issues. obama has been holding talks president and ray knew it meant it -- president in pre-k
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-- the mexican president. >> mexico has begun to restrict the access u.s. law enforcement authorities have had in the country. obama said he would withhold judgment on these changes. this is what he had to say after the meeting. cooperation on security even as the nature of that cooperation will evolve. it is help to the mexican people to determine their securities structures and how it think it is with other nations, including the united states. enriquean president peña nieto made a point of highlighting the need to economic opportunities increase trade offers both countries. of mexican export
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supplies come from the u.s. a speed an impact and development of the united states. >> both leaders are looking to focus on economic issues and trade relations. mexico is still an extremely violent country. when thousand people are killed every month. there are large parts of the country where police and journalists cannot operate freely and openly. miss aneaders opportunity in their talks. >> they did not mention the enormous cost in human rights terms of the strategy on the war on drugs. 26,000 people disappeared. thousands more torture. >> they also discussed immigration. obama is trying to push through a comprehensive immigration overhaul in u.s. he was to offer a illegal
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immigrants a path to legal status. obama has overselling -- overseen a record number of deportations. people looking for a change in u.s. immigration policy. before leaving mexico on friday, obama will meet with students and entrepreneurs to talk about economic opportunities for the future. of one of the boston lefthon bombing suspects to the medical examiner's office. in the family picked up the 26- year-old's remains. the annual meeting for the most powerful u.s. gun lobby gets underway on friday. it comes to 8 weeks after a bill to increase that context fails to hit enough support in the senate. money is considered a key reason the bill failed in the
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senate. >> when the bill went down in the senate, present, appeared in the white house rose garden alongside families of the new spec -- alongside families of shooting victims. he said the national rifle association willfully lied to convince the public and congress to reject the bill. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. to thenra dates back late 1800's. its political power has grown and it is a major political donor. members of congress understand that there are risks and rewards associated with upsetting the nra. >> if you are with us, we will
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support you and give you a high rating and run ads for you. if you hurt us, we will try to get you. >> the sun life foundation has some startling figures about how the nra leadership -- leadership runs deep in the u.s. congress. members of congress have received in are a funding in their career. received nrangress funds. this is where the nra spends its millions, to influence the seat of power. lobbyistd six associations within a two kilometers your -- two range of this place. it is not clear how the american
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such deep pockets. it is believed to come from gun manufacturers and its 4 million members around the country. money andts say politics have long gone hand and hand in washington. but people -- pro-gun reform side is spoiling for a fight. given the nra's power and resources, will be a long time before a pro-gun groups can match its political spending. for the first time, voters may be willing to punish members of congress who bought public opinion in favor of what the nra wants.
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